Tender Notice

To Software Development Firm or Institution

For the Provision of IT Services for Software solutions

Date: 8th February 2018

ITT Ref. No.: PR-18-015/SC-GF/RFP

Since January 2011, Save the Children International (SC) has been designated as Co-Principal Recipient (PR) of the programs funded by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) in Myanmar and will continue leading activities funded through GFATM Grants up to 2020. These programs are implemented through different International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) acting as Sub-Recipients (SRs). However, SC, as a PR, has the legal responsibility to the Global Fund to implement the Proposal under the oversight of the Myanmar Health Sector Coordinating Committee (MHSCC). SC is also responsible to undertake the procurement of the goods and services for most of their SRs and to control/monitor the Program implementation throughout the country.

SC has developed software to allow better collection and analysis of data related to the implementation of the HIV, TB and Malaria Grants. Maintaining, customizing and securing these tools is essential to monitoring program activities and continuing to strengthen the quality of services provided to the beneficiaries.

The purpose of this procurement process is to select qualified IT service provider(s) to host, maintain, customize and scale up these tools based on evolving data and programmatic needs, including additional reporting requirements, during these Grants.

–          HIV Enhanced Outreach mobile application, used by more than 600 outreach workers and services providers to actively manage implementation of program activities

–          “MyRight” mobile application to report HIV-related human rights violations (publicly available in Myanmar)

–          Malaria case-based reporting (MCBR) mobile application, enabling direct reporting from more than four thousand malaria village health volunteers (VHVs) and service providers, and which may extend to more than fifteen thousand in the future

–          Procurement software (SC-PR – internal use – 10 users in Yangon)

–          Supply Chain Management Software covering data of more than one hundred fifty storage sites throughout Myanmar

In addition, SC-PR seeks hosting, maintenance, and development services for the following software developed by the Myanmar National Health Laboratory:

–          Laboratory information management system (LIMS), to be customized to include data from more than 20,000 viral load tests (per year) from two (2) SR service provision sites. Also LIMS may be further extend to other laboratory testing made by partners.

Detailed technical specifications are included within the tender documents. SCI PSM team will be pleased to provide full set of document upon request of interested from Software Development Firms. Also, if you are interested in submitting proposal and would like to receive the Tender Documents, please contact:


–       Ms. Thandar Wai Hlaing, Procurement Coordinator: thandarwai.hlaing@savethechildren.org

–       c/c: Ms. Khaing Sapal Htway, Procurement Manager: khaingsapal.htway@savethechildren.org

–       c/c: Mr. Lionel Duinat, PSM Senior Manager: lionel.duinat@savethechildren.org

Tender documents will be sent to you by return. It is recommended to request or collect the tender documents package as soon as possible and not later than 25th February 2018.

Completed tender documents are due to be submitted by 7th March 2018, 16:00 hours, Myanmar Time.

Mr. Lionel Duinat

Sr. PSM Manager

Save the Children/GFATM

Wizaya Plaza, 3rd floor

226 U Wisara Rd., Bahan T/S

Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95-1-375739

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