Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In East and Southern Africa region and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

Save the Children International East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) is inviting applications for Pre-qualifications/registration of suppliers for the period 2018/19. We are also seeking to establish Framework agreements for a period of 2 (Two) years as per categories of Goods and Services listed below:

Ref No Category
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/001 Accommodation and Conference Facility services
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/002 Office Repair & Maintenance Services
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/003 Office IT supplies
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/004 Printing & Visibility Material
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/005 Stationery Supplies
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/006 Furniture & Fittings
SC1/NBO/ITT/2018/007 Communication & Media Services

The tender documents can be obtained through an e-mail request at esaro.tenders@savethechildren.org with the reference number in the Subject line. If you wish to apply for more than one category, please send separate email for each category with reference number of each category on the subject line. The tender Documents can also be downloaded from the Save the Children Website at www.savethechildren.net/tenders from Tuesday 05thDecember 2017.Those who download directly from the Website are required to register their interest through the above e-mail address.

Complete and sealed tender documents marked with the specific Ref No. and addressed to the TENDER COMMMITEE should be deposited in the Tender Box at Save the Children International – East & Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) at the ABC Place, 2nd Floor-Westlands not later than 1:00pm on the 05thJanuary 2018.

All current suppliers are advised to re-apply

 Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject any application or part thereof, and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.

Further clarification may be sought through email on


RFP 001 Accommodation & Conf Invitation to tender

RFP 001 Accommodation& Conf Bidder response

RFP 002 – Invitation to tender Office Repair & Maintenance Services

RFP 002 Bidder Response – Office repair & maint

RFP 002 – Terms of Reference – Office repair & maintenance

RFP 003 Bidder Response – IT consumables

RFP 003 Price list IT consumables

RFP 003-Invitation to tender IT&OFFICE CONSUMABLES

RFP 004 – Invitation to tender Printing & Visibility Material

RFP 004 Bidder Response – Printing & Visibility

RFP 004 Price List – Nairobi Offices Printing & Visibility Material

RFP 005 Bidder Response Office stationery

RFP 005- Invitation to tender -Stationery Supplies

RFP 005 Price List -Offices Stationery Supplies

RFP 006 Bidder Response Furniture & Fittings

RFP 006 Invitation to tender Furniture & fittings

RFP 006-Price list Furniture & Fittings

RFP 007 Invitation to tender Comms &Media Services

RFP 007 Bidder Response – Comms & Media

RFP 007Price List – Comms& Media services