This section is in English only : this is done on purpose as all IAPG Members use the English language for communication and meeting purposes.

Becoming an IAPG Member

Applicants must represent an International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGO) working in emergency relief and/or long term development and must have a  role or responsibility in its humanitarian supply chain activities.

Applicants must fit the criteria set out in our Mission, Vision & Values.

Applicants should contact the current IAPG Coordinator and request an application form.

A democratic decision by those members present will be taken at the IAPG meeting on all applications received within the previous quarter. The applicant will be advised when this will take place and will be informed of the outcome.


Membership Rules

  • A representative from each member organisation should be present at a minimum of 50% of quarterly meetings.
  • All member organisations must be represented at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).
  • Each member organisation to host a group meeting on a rota basis.